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4 Schuko, USB surge prot trailing socket
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Anzahl der Buchsen = 4 Buchsentyp = Schutzkontakt-Stecker, USB Betriebsspannung = 250 V ac Überspannungsschutz = Ja Schaltbar = Ja Farbe = Schwarz, Grau brennenstuhl Premium-Office-Line 4 Way Extension Socket with USB Charger. Premium Office Line Type F German Schuko 4-way extension socket with built-in protection for your appliance from malfunctions in the mains, such as surges, indirect lightning strikes or circuit noises, with a maximum sum of leakage current of up to 30 A. Elegant, ageless desktop design made from durable materials. 4 Earthed sockets in a 45° arrangement, ideal for angular plugs. Illuminated 2 pole ON/OFF safety switch With replaceable 10 A fuse 2 USB charging ports Total charging amperage of max. 2100 mA Childproof sockets Cable length: 1.8 m Cable: H05VVF3G1.5 Length approx: 47 cm Nominal current: 10 A Colour: Black / Light Grey Plugin system: DE Type F - German Schuko.

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